How many horses are there in London?

In 1917, there were 200,000 horses in London, today there are only 200 – of which 180 are stabled and used by the Household Cavalry and 20 are stabled in Bathurst Mews.

Hyde Park Stables.

Bathurst Mews is a small road (a mews) that runs off Sussex Place, not far from Paddington Train Station. At the end of Bathurst Mews, there are two stables (the last ones in London) called Hyde Park Stables & Ross Nye Stables. Between them they own and stable the remaining 20 horses in London.

Both stables offer horse riding classes and normally ride along the sand track on the outer park of Hyde Park. The rest of Bathurst Mews is made up of very expensive Mews houses.

Horses from the Bathurst Mews stables riding around Hyde Park.

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