The Jiu Jitsu Suffragette

Edith Margaret Williams was born in 1872 in Bath and become a ‘physical culture’ instructor specialising in gymnastics, boxing and wrestling.

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A Dockers Life

Many of the jobs created in London’s docks during the 19th century were badly paid. Others were seasonal or casual, which meant that people were only paid when work was available.

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Who was Mithras?

Mithraism was a mystery religion centred on the god Mithras. It was practised in the Roman Empire from the 1st to the 4th century CE.

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Police Posts!

Walking around the City of London, you might notice some light blue painted Police telephone posts.

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What is a ‘Davy Descender’?

Upon visiting Handel’s House Museum/Hendrix’s flat in London last Saturday, I noticed an odd looking object on the wall in the corner of Jimi Hendrix’s bedroom.

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